Crown Moulding

Crown Moulding

Simply put, crown moulding is a decorative wooden strip placed on the wall where it meets the ceiling to enhance the décor of the room. Modern materials allow us at Cutting Edge Door & Trim to achieve a classical elegance not matter your design budget.

Crown moulding is usually thought of in historic districts where the architectural style is most fitting, however our expert installers have spent years putting it into modern homes to truly enhance the look and feel of the rooms. It is a simple upgrade to any home that adds instant value and a superb finishing touch.

Ideas on where to use crown moulding
Though typically used at the top of a wall crown moulding can be used in other places as well. Adding it to a door easily transforms something simple into something elegant. You can also use it to frame an interior window or a mirror, dressing it up tremendously. Our installers have also used it to top off pillars and cabinets, adding detail that almost looks unfinished without it.

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