Custom Closets

Custom Closets

Often times considered a luxury, a quality custom closet can really turn any room into a perfect home. With so many well-designed, intelligent options available today, Cutting Edge Door & Trim is here to tackle whatever type you dream of. Whether it be a full walk-in closet, a reach-in closet or a wardrobe; we can bring your ideas to reality. Our custom closets are professionally designed and installed meeting your individual requirements.

Walk-In Closets
When you have to go big, a walk-in closet in the only way to do it. Whether that’s just a few square feet of space or as large as a master bedroom itself, they allow for the most amount of storage. They also require the most planning to make sure every inch is used properly so your custom closet is both easy and efficient.

Reach-In Closets
More of the typical closet where you would find a single rod going from one side to the other, reach-in closets are seen everywhere. Cutting Edge Door & Trim has spent years customizing these types and building customer storage centers that are simply unbelievable. The key is to maximize your space, while still offering a variety of storage options. Incorporating shelving and drawers is a must when dealing with custom reach-in closes, and that’s where Cutting Edge Door & Trim’s installers really shine.

When the closet you have just isn’t enough, or cannot be made to be enough, there is always the wardrobe. Wardrobes can create a closet where there wasn’t one. Instead of being a room of their own, or cut into a wall; a wardrobe is a standalone piece is either moveable or is attached along the wall. They tend to keep things tidy behind their doors while still maintaining the feeling of open space in the room.

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