Historically, wainscoting was a term used when material was used to cover the lower portion of a walls interior to cover up damage due to a poor foundation or water damage from a flood. Most people nowadays refer to it simply as panelling. At Cutting Edge Door & Trim, we use the method as a way to enhance an already existing area and add to it with a unique decorative touch. Many different materials can be used for this, which has made it very popular for designers who come up with elegant patterns.

Raised Panel
Raised panel is our most popular type of wainscoting. It is the more classic style which adds both a visual interest as well as depth to your walls. Found most often in kitchens but still brings a great look anywhere in the home.

Flat Panel
Found to be less formal than the previously mentioned raised panel, flat panel wainscot is often chosen for its more subtle appearance for wall decoration. Having the same range of materials available for use as raised panel, the benefits are it can often be much lighter and cheaper.

This type of wainscoting is more difficult to install, typically costs more than other types, and requires a regular polish. However it has a true country feel to it and is often used in cottages or to protect against moisture and cold.

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